TT4 Test Kit

BackDuration: 10 minutes

An indicator of thyroid gland function

Clinical significance of test

T4 stands for thyroxine, one of two hormones your thyroid gland makes. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that helps control your body’s growth and energy use. The T4 test measures the amount of T4 in your blood to show whether your thyroid works as well as it should. TT3 and TT4 are combined tests used to evaluate thyroid function and monitor treatment.

Steps of operation

Clinical application

TT4 increase:

  • May be hyperthyroidism, drug effects: such as taking thyroxine, estrogen drugs and contraceptives, perphenazine, etc.

TT4 decrease:

  • Thyroid diseases: primary hypothyroidism, chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis
  • Drug effect
  • Other diseases: severe liver and kidney failure, nephrotic syndrome, etc

Interpretation of results

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