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Welcome to PremaLabs Diagnostics

We specialise in easy-to-use Point of Care Test (POCT) solutions that give quality results, with demonstrable efficiencies, and return-on-investment. The vision of the company is to deliver a healthier future for patients and physicians by reinventing point of care testing. Our aim is to disrupt the diagnostics market with accessible and affordable POCT solutions whilst building long-term valuable relationships with our customers and partners.

Point of Care testing is defined as medical testing, at or near the site of patient care by specially trained healthcare professionals. Our tests typically involve whole-blood, capillary blood (finger stick), plasma or serum specimens. With PremaLabs Diagnostics it’s easy to collect the specimen and obtain laboratory-comparable results in a matter of minutes from virtually anywhere.

What are the benefits of POCT?

The main aim, and benefit, of POCT or “with-patient testing” is to bring both the test and its results conveniently and immediately to the patient.

  • Tests can be completed in community and primary care settings, such as clinics, pharmacies, nursing homes and public facilities like health centres
  • Eliminate time and costs as samples don’t have to be sent to labs for results
  • Accurate and reliable results delivered within minutes instead of hours or days
  • Enables clinicians to support the timely diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients
  • Reduced impact and cost of emergency care due to appropriate escalation
  • Environmental sustainability benefits thanks to the reduction of associated transport and fuel costs

Why choose PremaLabs Diagnostics Point of Care Tests?

We provide a new approach to POCT, enabling accessible and rapid testing with laboratory-grade results. Our devices use Time-Resolved Fluorescence Immunoassay (TRFIA), a highly sensitive assay, able to overcome the instability of enzyme markers.

  • Enhanced solution for in vitro immunological detection
  • In-depth analysis via accurate quantitative values instead of simple binary positive or negative results
  • Up to 37 different tests* through a single device, providing an extremely efficient and flexible solution for POCT centres
  • All tests compatible with our three analyser devices
  • All test kits are stable for up to 18 months at room temperature

*Not all tests are available in all geographic regions. Please check with your local PremaLabs Diagnostics sales representative or distributor for availability in specific markets.