SAA/CRP Test Kit

BackDuration: 5 minutes

2 in 1 integrated test to assess the severity of inflammatory conditions

Clinical significance of test

SAA is a sensitive inflammatory marker discovered in recent years. As an acute-phase reactive protein, its concentration increases significantly in acute and chronic inflammatory reactions, reaching more than 1000 times the normal level in 6-8 hours. As SAA has a short half-life, when the body’s inflammatory response is controlled, SAA rapidly drops to the normal level, which makes SAA a sensitive indicator of the body’s inflammatory state such as infection or trauma.

CRP is a typical acute phase protein. It is synthesized by the liver and the epithelial cell in response to infections or tissue damages, and the synthesis is triggered by interleukin-6 (IL-6) and other cytokines produced by macrophages and other white blood cells which are activated in these conditions.

Steps of operation

Clinical application

  • As a sensitive index in the diagnosis of infection and inflammation.
  • As an aid in the guidance for the use of antibiotic.
  • As an aid in the monitoring and prognostic of trauma and surgery.
  • As an aid in the prognosis of cardiovascular diseases.

Interpretation of results

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