PG I / PG II Test Kit

BackDuration: 10 minutes

Reflects the morphological and functional status of gastric mucosa

Clinical significance of test

Pepsinogen I (PGI) and Pepsinogen II (PGII) are the main progastriscins in the stomach, of GA and GC cases, which closely reflect functional and morphological changes of the gastric mucosa. Serum pepsinogen(PG)I/II ratio has been widely used as “serological biopsy” for the screening of gastric cancer (GC) and atrophic gastritis (GA).

Steps of operation

Clinical application

  • Screening for pepsinogen and Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection
  • Differentiation between pepsinogen and gastric ulcer
  • Detection of pepsinogen and superficial gastritis
  • Pepsinogen and gastric cancer screening

Interpretation of results

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