PCT/CRP Test Kit

BackDuration: 15 minutes

2 in 1 integrated test to determine severity of infections or inflammation

Clinical significance of test

Procalcitonin (PCT) is the precursor of the hormone calcitonin, which in normal metabolic conditions is mainly produced by the Cā€cells of the thyroid medulla and to a lesser extent by other neuroendocrine cells. The blood of healthy individuals contains only very low levels of PCT. It elevates in plasma when severe bacterial, fungal, parasitic infections, sepsis and multiple organ failure occur. CRP is a typical acute phase protein. It is synthesized by the liver and the epithelial cell in response to infections or tissue damages, and the synthesis is triggered by interleukin-6 (IL-6) and other cytokines produced by macrophages and other white blood cells which are activated in these conditions.

Steps of operation

Clinical application

  • As an aid in the distinction between bacterial and viral infection
  • As an aid in the monitoring of infection after surgery
  • As an aid in the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, normal infection, tissue injury and inflammatory disease
  • As an aid in the early diagnosis of septicemia of newborn
  • As an aid in the management of the clinical application of antibiotics

Interpretation of results

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