CCP Test Kit

BackDuration: 15 minutes

Aids in the diagnosis and monitoring of rheumatoid arthritis

Clinical significance of test

Anti-cyclic citrullinate peptide antibody is an autoantibody with synthetic cyclic citrullinate polypeptide (CCP) as antigen, which has high sensitivity and specificity for rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and is a highly specific indicator for the early diagnosis of RA. The detection of anti-cyclic citrullinate peptide antibody is highly specific for the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, and can be used for the early diagnosis of RA. In addition, CCP antibody is not only an early diagnostic indicator of RA, but also a sensitive indicator to distinguish between invasive and non-invasive RA. Combined detection of RF and CCP antibodies will significantly improve the sensitivity of the diagnosis.

Steps of operation

Clinical application

  • Diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis: In people with symptoms, CCP antibody testing is used to help diagnose or rule out rheumatoid arthritis. As there is no single test that can diagnose rheumatoid arthritis, CCP antibody testing is considered in conjunction with other factors, including a patient’s symptoms and the results of other tests.
  • Estimating disease severity: CCP testing can help doctors predict the progression of a patient’s rheumatoid arthritis. Patients with early rheumatoid arthritis who test positive for CCP antibodies are at an increased risk of worsening joint damage

Interpretation of results

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