Joelle Rahme
Chief Executive Officer

Joelle is a co-founder of PremaLabs diagnostics and she also covers the position of CEO of Sicania Labs where she developed deep knowledge on the medical trading arena. She brings her experience and global network into the development of PremaLabs across the international markets. Her past responsibilities and experience span the fields of finance, real estate, government relations and commodity trading.

Bridget Convey
Chief Operating Officer

Bridget managed operational change within a range of London hospitals including Great Ormond Street, The Marsden, University College Hospital and The Royal Free. She moved to finance and established a London base for an offshore fund management company (Orbtiex).  She recruited the board of directors including Robin Geffen (now owns Neptune); obtained the trading licence from the regulators; launched nine funds and created operational, trading and settlement processes.  For the the bulk of her career, Bridget has worked for a range of financial institutions including, Merrill Lynch, SBC, Investec, Citi Bank, LBG, RBS, Schroders, Barclays and HSBC as a business analyst / project manager implementing operational processes and systems.

Dr. Niloufar Zavarei
Chief Medical Officer

Niloufar specializes in non-clinical and clinical biomedical engineering and in biomathematical and computer modelling. She is a pioneer in Chaos theory and modelling with extensive experience in academic and professional research. She is a Harvard post graduate / post doctorate researcher in biostatistics and an active member of Harvard global, Harvard Entrepreneurs, and Harvard Business team. She also has a background in global consultancy and has been recognized as one of UNESCO’s leading consultants in major international projects. As a member of many non-profit organizations, university and global college alumni’s, she has contributed her time, knowledge and resources to many groups such as Stem Ambassadors, Women Engineering Society, Harvard WE and many more.

Lars Agren
Finance Director

Lars career is within the finance and accounting sector. He has experience leading and executing corporate finance transactions. including; drafting and negotiating complex legal agreements. At PremaLabs, Lars is responsible for financial planning, analysis and leading the drafting and revision of financial, risk and internal management policies. Lars plays a significant role in attracting the funding necessary for the company to develop and validate its proprietary tests. In addition, he is overseeing the development of best practices whilst developing a strong understanding of manufacturing requirements.

Dr Peter Miethe
Chief Scientist – Head of R&D

Peter is a scientist and researcher in the field of medical diagnostics and bioengineering. He is the developer of the company’s first capillary blood test and was CEO of the renowned  Research Center for Medical Technique and Biotechnology (fzmb). He has significant experience in the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on improved immunoassay technologies such as lab on chip, polyenzymes, nanoparticles, immunofluorescence, microscopy technology. He earned his doctorate reading Physical Chemistry from the Martin-Luther University. His responsibilities also include the direction and execution of the company’s clinical trials for validation of its blood tests.

Leon Fischer-Appelt
Chief Technology Officer

Leon’s expertise extends to the areas of instrumentation and biotechnology. Prior to joining the company, Leon worked in the Oil and Gas sector at the Oktan Group, where he helped develop and implemented business process optimisations and automation solutions. Leon is responsible for the technical oversight of the company and the development of the company IT strategy. In particular, he is focused on the development and commercialization of emerging technologies.

Andrea Spadola
Business Development Europe

Andrea is a serial entrepreneur, having experience in forming global consultancies and trading companies in a wide range of industries. He a co-founder of Sicania Labs and leads a team which source a broad range of medical related supplies and equipment in extreme supply conditions, ensuring a steady provision to healthcare professionals and institutions globally. Andrea is customer oriented, a team player and brings his management skills and extensive global network of high-level contacts to PremaLabs. As a problem solver, Andrea has a clear focus on creating sustainable value propositions and  opportunities that align to the vision of PremaLabs and its technologies.

Pavan Dhaliwal
International Liaison Officer

Pavan has been instrumental in managing a large number of international trade negotiations crossing all sectors. Pavan utilizes his large network of global contacts to source, manage and coordinate transactions between corporate bodies in different territories. Most recently he has been an invaluable asset to many large corporations in their acquisition of PPE and medical aid during the Covid-19 pandemic. He is heavily involved in providing emergency medical equipment in areas of conflict. He is multilingual and has an intrinsic knowledge of global business cultures and has worked intensively with clients in Asia and Pacific region.

Mr. Maahan Mirnezami
Chief Strategy Officer

Maahan is the founder of AVA Holding Group and is a clinical expert with a Harvard alumni background. His experience, work and knowledge has provided him with the necessary foundation for his success in business and is integral to his role as chief strategist at PremaLabs. Using PremaLabs technology, Maahan is committed to implementing his vision of changing the future of medicine. Maahan utilized his government and global network to procure and distribute masks, ventilators, oxygenators and vaccines to those in need during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Advisory Board

Ian Tordoff

Ian jointly heads up a health sector consulting business that delivered over $6bn of health care projects since formation. They undertake through-the-line (policy-strategy-mobilisation) clinical and commercial assignments in the UK, US and Middle East for commissioning, provider and insurance clients. They developed and implemented national strategies; and created innovative new care pathways encouraging the formation of newcos, vertical integration and collaboration between public and private sector organisations to deliver patient centred services. His teams have designed and implemented: UCCs at the front of leading London A&Es; created PPU partnerships between NHS and private providers.

Alexander (Rai) Hamilton

Rai Hamilton is best known for building Old Broad Street Securities Assurance for the City of London giant UDT. He then created Alexander Securities which became Europe’s largest share dealing firm with 89,000 private clients. Rai has since been involved across the world in numerous board appointments and project finance opportunities with directorships. Rai has a career of building business platforms and funding early-stage technologies. Rai is a marketing specialist with a lifetime focus on corporate strategies for government agencies. Rai is a trustee of the Gates sponsored Millennium Health Foundation.